Overseas activities on 1960 right after the war, the founder Sumie Hirano went to Paris to study fashion. After she came back she devoted herself to the education of fashion in this city. Based on her spirit, Hirano Gakuen emphasizes an education from a global point of view. Our recent projects include an exchange program with the Kilvington school and the Haileybury school in Australia, and the introduction of the curriculum.

Discover Yourself

学園長 平野 順一 理事長・学校長 平野 宏司

About 50 years ago, Gagarin, the first astronaut in the human history, said the famous phrase,”the Earth was blue”, when he saw his mother planet from up above the sky. It is diffcult to recognize the Earthʼs beauty when we are on the ground, but Gagarin, who saw the Earth from the cosmos, rediscovered its magnificence.

“Discover yourself.” This is our schoolʼs motto. Where am I from? What am I doing? What dreams do I have and what do I do in the future with that dream? These are the questions that Hirano Gakuen has students ask themselves. Of course “discovering myself” requires the proper

time and environment, which is supposed to be given to them in their high school days. A studentʼs school life should be full of the kind of excitement that everyone had when Gagarin first went to the cosmos. “Discover yourself” We wish that each student recognizes his/her own magnificence.

Life Design Course

Life Design Course

Gifu Prefecture, where Ogaki City lies, is one of the best apparel-manufacturing districts in Japan. This is an excellent course for students who wish to get into the fashion industries to become a fashion designer, pattern making, stylist, merchandiser, or anything in the fashion industries. Seiryo offers the best educational staff, including an instructor from a department store and a fashion journalist, as well as a unique curriculum.

Seiryo started as a fashion school about 60 years ago since then, it has offered an excellent program for students to learn everything about fashion ; from basic sewing to drawing, to display and walking as a model, as well as fashion business. The fashion shows are held three times a year and the best arena for students to show their individual achievements.

International Business Course


Globalization requires a multi-talented person. English, PC, word processing and accounting are some of the resources that successful businessmen need to have knowledge about in today’s world. Seiryo supports our students learning everything they need in the international society.

It is rare to see a curriculum as unique as our international Business Course. The staff includes a marketing teacher from a nation’s major department store and an English and business teacher who is also active as an international journalist.They develop special educational plans and workshops in order to let the students feel the excitement of the real business world. The word processing contest and various examinations such as bookkeeping and business knowledge encourage students to achieve their highest goals in learning.

Welfare and Childcare Course


In our aging society, where there will be more elderly people and less children, the importance of social welfare and childcare is dramatically increasing. Seiryo offers an integrated atmosphere of learning and a curriculum specially designed for students who, after graduation, will be active in the welfare and childcare field.

Hands-on learning is one of our specialties. In our curriculum, we emphasize lessons for the students to improve their communication skills and exibility to respond to the needs of the welfare and childcare field. Seiryo takes full advantage of utilizing Kiitos Garden, one of our educational institutes for early childhood education and care, as well as other social welfare facilities around the area. After graduation, universities, colleges, and other schools are some of the options for students to pursue their future dream as professionals in this field.

Global Liberal arts


In today’s diverse society, intellectual communication skills and a highly-qualified academic background have become critical for all the people on this planet to realize a peaceful world. Seiryu supports students to continue learning in universities and colleges, as well as vocational schools, to learn more liberal arts and specialized studies. English is not only (a language), but the most powerful tool for all people to communicate and unite. Our goal is not just making fluent English speakers, but educating the next generation in good will, wisdom, and communication skills.

Our English lessons include communication, as well as preparation for TOEIC. Letting the students understand the cultural and historical background of various regions in the world, and learning to respect them through our English program is one of our goals. Other languages are also optional for students to pursue wider and deeper interests across the globe.